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August 24 – 28, 2014

COLD-A-PALOOZA hit our house and knocked us out !

How we faught our colds…the natural way of course

  • I made chicken soup.
  • We drank lots of water.
  • I plowed everyone full of zinc and daily vitamins. (adults 50mg & kids 20mg*)
  • Drank Traditional Medicinal teas (Throat Coat for Adults & Childrens Cold Care for Kids)
  • Lots of sleep.
  • a few doses of Tylenol to lower fevers

*normally the kids max at 10mg of zinc, but for a few days we upped it to kick this colds butt.

Everyone is mostly recovered, still some hacking and gross nose sniffling going on, but not too bad.


The vitamins we give our kids. We have tried many brands of daily vitamins and these got two thumbs up from both kids. The zinc is not for daily, we supplement their daily with one zinc if they are getting sick to hopefully ward off the illness.


My vitamins. I take 3 daily, 2 Vitamin D, and 2 Zinc. Apparently I have crazy low Vitamin D even eating lots of veggies.

August 23, 2014

Happy Saturday.

Last night Jay and I went on a date.  Had a great time.  We do not go out often and really enjoyed “just being”.  No agenda, schedule, or requirement.  Just eat, drink and be merry.


Look ! I do own a dress AND heels !!! (and no that is not a backdrop, that is the view !!!)


Me and Wendy.


My sweet husband !

Date Night – THE END.

On Saturdays I usually sleep until eight,  today for some reason the kids who hate waking up for school were up and wired at seven !  I laid in bed for a little and then the need for the bathroom and the smell of fresh coffee won.

We have wanted to check out the Gatlinburg Farmers Market all summer, Jay and I made a morning date of it, while kids hung back home with their grandparents.  It was a nice morning strolling through the booths and shops getting to know our local vendors.  We bought a jar of honey with a honeycomb, rosemary/peppermint soap bar, and breakfast.  We did not buy any vegetables as our garden is still producing more than we can handle, but everything looked beautiful.

photo 1

Lisa’s lovely vegetables ! We had a glass of her very refreshing natural raspberry lemonade. Perfect on a hot morning.

photo 2

The honey man had a recipe that we will try soon ! He said it tastes like apple cider !

August 22, 2014

Morning came fast.  545 am…alarms going off.  Snooze being hit.  Over and over.  Finally roll out of bed with no intention of working out, but I had to get dressed so I put on my workout clothes.  No excuses !

As I returned home from the gym I passed the septic truck, which means I missed out on all the fun !  Darn ! NOT….  we had both tanks pumped today.  I quickly found out I did not miss all the fun…we had to fill the holes back in with dirt and tamp them down (using a 20lb tamper) my shoulders are toast right now between tamping and pull up practice….


Father In Law tamping….


My turn ! Doing a little advertising for Sweet Husband with my cool new workout shirt !


Finished product. Now to split some of the plants and re-mulch.

Still have one more hole A LOT deeper to fill in the back of the house….

I am in need of a haircut.  I am a short hair girl.  I LOVE IT !  I had very long hair once upon a time, it spent all of its time damp and in a messy bun with countless lost pencils stuck in it.  The kids wanted to help me.  Grabbed my clippers, mirror, a chair and off to the porch we went.  Charlie had fun !  Buzz Buzz went my hair.  As usual I screwed up one area, who knew that the ear guards took it down to true buzz level..HA !  It will grow back.


Hair Salon de Back Porch


Charlie Scissorhands prepping for duty !


I got this !


You have a lot of hair. It is getting all over me.


Finished product, notice how I now look like Big Foot…arms, chest, and even my face all covered in hair !


My clippings. Crazy how much hair I have !

Date Night…. the children are hanging with their grandparents, will update tomorrow.


  • Warm up – ran .25 miles FAST
  • Strength – Squats 8 – 8 – 8 – 8 – 8 (before summer 95#, after lazy all summer 65# LAME !)
  • WOD – 10 jump squats, 10 back forth, 10 air squats, 10 lunges (10 min AMRAP) I was DYING !
  • Pull up practice with band….16 !!!  One day I will do a pull up !!!
  • Row 1600M and stretched

Food I am not sure how the day will shake out, we have a DATE !!!  I am so excited,  We do not go out very often.  Cannot wait !

  • B – 2 soft boiled eggs and 1 sausage
  • S – raspberries and a little chicken salad
  • L – 1/2 avocado, mangos, salad
  • D – date night….



August 21, 2014

Thursday all in all it was a very uneventful day.  I cleaned the house top to bottom for six hours.  Not just cleaning, but moving furniture cleaning.  Organizing the kids books by size cleaning (HOW HARD is it to keep them in size order…err.)

The kids had their first after school activity last night.  Charlie is taking piano.  Evie is taking voice.  They both rocked it.  If we are very lucky, eventually they will rock it to the big stage, their daddy can be their financial manager and me their ever supportive stage mom.  I will make a pledge here and now, we will not allow our children to turn into front page flops of disgrace !  I was exhausted, so sweet husband picked up some local BBQ for dinner.  Even used paper plates.  Lame and wasteful.  I know.  Did I mention I was tired !

Went to sleep early, and then a little after midnight Evie woke up coughing so hard and unable to breath (due to stuffed nose) that we spent thirty minutes in a steamed bathroom, doing it old school.  Not sure if a summer cold or allergies, whatever it is…it can leave NOW !  She is home today.  Still coughing and slurping her nose.  Uggg.  Poor girl, but that noise… (she will be so mad when she reads this).

August 20, 2014

Happy Wednesday !

I just checked my email and received a notice from the library that THREE of the books I have on hold are available.   WHY do all of my Ebooks that I reserve all come in on the same day !  Some I was the second person on hold, some the sixty fifth.  Yet, they all come in on the same day !  Crazy I tell you !  What I really hate is when I reserve a series and the later books come available before the next in the reading order.  I check daily hoping the next book comes before I loose the later.  That is one advantage to real books, I could just pay the late fee and hold the book.  In the Ebooks they go POOF !

Okay enough whining about books, after I dropped the kids at school, I hit the gym and I think I lost about a gallon of sweat !  I want to do a pull up.  I do not care if it is just one, I want to do one.  I am doing band assisted pull-ups as many as possible.  Once I am toast I am doing reverse resistance.  Talk about shaky arms !  But I will do a pullup !!!!!

  • Warm up – .25 mile jog, pull up practice
  • Strength – 10 Burpees 10 minutes EMOM (total of 100, it hurt, just saying)
  • WOD – 15 air squats, 10 push ups AMRAP in 10 minutes (I got 7 complete rounds)
  • Sprints – 30 second sprints on treadmill at 10 mph, I did 5.  I walk REALLY slow between sprints).
  • I seem to be closing my workouts with rowing 1600M and a complete stretching routine, I have a love hate relationship with foam roller.  It really does help, but OMG it hurts !

After the gym I came home to a quiet home and no chores that need attention today, so I finally downloaded ALMOST all of the songs our sweet girl has requested (she has birthday gift cards to spend on iTunes).  Yeah…I had to cross off the Talk Dirty to Me and Wiggle.  I LOVE THE SONGS, but being that mom, I did a lyric check.  Maybe in a few or 10 more years !

I guess I will shower, I could do a load of laundry….would make tomorrow easier.

Have a wonderful evening !

August 19, 2014

Tuesday was pretty uneventful, I am excited that we are back in a routine.  I like having all the house items complete and dinner prepped before the kids come home from school.  Anything I can do to keep some order helps me run smoother, which makes me nicer.

Being back at the gym is the BEST !  Months ago I stumbled across a website with a six week workout program all written out !  SCORE !  So I grabbed my gym notebook and wrote it down.  No excuses it is all there for me.  Here is the link WORKOUT.

Today I warmed up on the treadmill for .25 mile jog.

  • Strength 1 min wall sit / 1 min plank (10 minutes EMOM)
  • WOD – jump rope 50 double unders * and  50 lunges* (4 rounds)

* I am not able to do 50 double unders…so I do 100 regular jumps and like 10 DU each round and I also shortened the lunges to 20 each round.  Paying for a summer of laziness !

For dinner I made a broccoli & cheese quiche with a side of ham.  I knew the kids would not eat the quiche, but they love ham !  Apparently Evie decided it is now gross, she does not like ham anymore.  I gave Charlie a toothpick instead of a fork and he thought it was fun, so he just ate dinner without a complaint.  Our kids used to eat EVERYTHING, now…not so much.  So annoying.


August 18, 2014

So I have some corrections to make…earlier I posted about hay baling, my father in law is keeping up with my posts and informed me that I had my hay baling steps out of order.  Lucky for him I was unable to help with the task, otherwise It would have been a mess out there.  Hay everywhere.  Anyway…the correct order is… mow the hay, tedder the hay, rake the hay, bale the hay.  I also learned that the word is tedder not tether !  Who knew.

This blogging is also a learning process.  I expected to get a site name and just type.  Everything would be pretty and inviting.  Apparently not, that is my job too !  I am stuck on so many tasks and design elements.  Going to call in the big guns, super brain husband to the rescue.  So for now…all my entries will be under the main page, because I have no idea how to add additional daily entries under my other tabs (exercise etc..).

Monday was a BUSY day.  Hit the gym and came home to work with FIL on downed trees.  Oh I love using a chainsaw !!!!  We had a huge tree that we cut into six foot sections.  He is going to use it to plug up an irrigation issue at the barn.  What I learned…when cutting a huge tree with a chainsaw have a wedge handy, when you get about halfway down the tree starts to close on you and will stop your blade and get the saw stuck.  To avoid this you drive a wedge in.  Also make sure you always wear hearing and eye protection !  Nothing ruins a fun power tool party like an injury !


FIL measuring out six foot sections of downed tree.


Me getting my chainsaw on !


When we were working the cows were in the next pasture. They were going CRAZY, thought they were going to storm the gate. I wish I had video, they were so loud ! Normally that means that they want to move to the next field for new grass.


We found out why the cows were yelling. When we finished chainsawing we turned and WOW ! Ten feet away stood a calf. Tricky little cow got into the other field and his mama was yelling for him and got the rest of the herd to voice up too ! We got him back with the others and they were reunited !


You can see the rain making its way to us. Green fields and beautiful Smoky Mountains !


After our big tree and cow reuniting was done it was time to light FIRE FIRE FIRE !!  I always hear Beevis and Butthead!  I am the great cornholio !!  haha yeppers, I am so mature.  We made a nice big burn pile.  I got to cut up one more tree and then we got rained on !



To cut the smaller logs I got to use a new tool. In the field I referred to it as the log picker upper thingy so I can saw the log. After a little google search, this cool diddy is called a Timberjack ! Use that in a sentence today !


Burn baby burn !

After we finished all of our work and evening came we hit the porch to rock and wine.  I love red wine.  Old Vine Zinfandel is my favorite !  Particularly Oak Ridge Winery.  It is a lovely thing.  Anyway…back to the porch and rocking.  Every time we sit on the porch we say the same thing, that tree is blocking the view of the mountains.  This week I am making note to call the tree service and have them top that sucker !



August 16, 2014

Most days I have a schedule.  I use an old fashioned paper day planner.  I get satisfaction from manually crossing items off my to do list.  My planner of choice is from Blue Sky.

Today I was supposed to help rake a field to prepare it for baling, but our daughter woke up sick.  Instead of driving the tractor, I did some cuddling and lots of laundry.  I will admit even though I hate her being sick, I loved that she wanted to cuddle.  She is a tween…so cuddling can go either way.  Today I held her close and smooched that cute little nose.  I did make a fatal error, I kept calling her my sweet baby.  One too many uses of the word “baby” and she was offended, informed me she was not baby and she moved to the couch…sigh.

This was supposed to be me….


Daddy R raking one of the hay fields. Once it is dry they will bale and tedder it. I cannot believe it is almost fall !


August 15, 2014

It has been a few days, busy busy,

First I am eating lunch now. Like shoving a salad in my mouth and making noises like Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally. If you do not know what I am talking about….well you are too young. Visit Netflix. It is a classic. Anyway.. Jay found this recipe on Mr. Money Mustache website about a year ago, so easy.  I use Tamari instead of soy sauce, a LITTLE more paleo…  But it is salad bliss.  I think I will carry it with me next time we go out to dinner, yes it is that good.

The kids went back to school today !  They said I could just drop them off, but we had a few minutes so I walked them in.  Evie gave me a nudge and a smile as she went left.  Charlie is still little so I got a hug as he went right.  It is going to be a great year, I can feel it !


After drop off, I chatted for a few minutes with a few moms and hit the gym.  Oh how I have missed the gym.  Normally I am a 5 day a week girl.  It is my natural high, I get grouchy when I miss days.  I am so sore right now !  Nothing a few glasses of wine will not cure later. HA !

I go to our local community center, it is small and inexpensive and has everything I need.  I am a former Cross Fit Box girl and I still miss it, but…I am not driving 45 mins each way to attend one.  So I do my own CFish thing.  Today my WOD was… warm up run of .25 miles (I barely made it).  Then 5 rounds of (5 pullups, 10 pushups, 30 situps).  Rowed 1600m.

I am also a foodie girl.  Yes I post my menu and pictures of my food.  It is my thing.  Although no salad picture today, ate it before I thought about it.

  • B- coffee, 3 Chicken Apple Sausages (Applegate Farms) (lots of water)
  • S- 3 slices of ham
  • L- large salad w/kick ass dressing and chopped veggies, 2 oz roasted wild boar tenderloin
  • D- yeah…need to figure that out.  Maybe hot dogs over the fire pit !!!

Farmwise I was hopping to bush hog a field, but my father-in-law beat me to it, so I mowed the lawn.  Before the kids get home I want to clean the house and pick the okra.

Happy Friday !!!!

August 11, 2014

Everytime I write the date today I use the wrong year.  Today is our sons birthday and I keep using his birth year !  A huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Lil Buddy.  He spent his day in Lego Star Wars pjs that are three inches too short.  Playing Harry Potter on the iPad laying on the couch.  Not a bad day !  He was beyond excited with his gifts.  Snackeez, Lego Movie, and National Geographic Kid books.  His meal request was cheese tortellini and pudding cups (instead of cake…we had a party this weekend with ice cream cake).

DSC_0214-001 DSC_0218-001

Today my father in law (AKA Daddy R) had some farm work to do, so I tagged along.  LOVE running the chainsaw.  I cut up some large branches that fell and helped him load up the burn barrel.  We cleared a few sections.  Made up for the workout I missed the morning (gym closed).  I walked and lifted heavy things.  Very primal !

IMG_3242 DSC_0273 DSC_0283 DSC_0280 DSC_0282

I worked in Uncle Rs garden.  What a beautiful sight.  He has two, they are huge and it amazes me that we could survive without a grocery store IF we ate vegetables only.  Today I cut okra, I used a five gallon bucket and filled half of it.  That is a lot of okra.  The surprise of gardening today was the brussels sprouts.  I have six stalks.  I had no idea what I was doing, I would use a paring knife and notch off a few and cook them, total pain in the butt.  Then I got smart and watched a youtube video.  They pulled the entire plant out of the ground and sliced down the stalk and off popped all of the sprouts.  Brilliant.  I did the same, it worked awesome.  I will say cleaning them is a little work.  No idea what they put on the ones in the store, mine are not that pretty, but mine are purely organic.  We will cook them tomorrow with bacon using this recipe!!!

I did make Charlie his tortellini but I also made roasted veggies, Paleo style.  Okra, onions, red peppers, yellow squash, garlic, cherry tomatoes and fresh herbs (all farm to table).  I drizzled it in a butter and white wine sauce with reduced cherry tomatoes.  Topped it all with a little goat cheese.  It was DELISH.  Forgot to take a picture…oops.  Beginning blogger mistake #1.


Two brussels sprout plants after pulling from the ground.


Brussels sprout stalks after removing all the sprouts.


DSC_0209-001 Dinner prep at the outdoor kitchen, aka… patio table.

Now as the sun goes down we are sitting on the screen porch rocking and laughing (oh I love my family).  The mountains and a great glass of of wine.  Thanks Cousin Sharon and John !!!!