Monthly Archives: September 2015

September 4, 2015

Having one of those days, a lazy day. The kids were too tired to go to the local amusement park (WHAT !) so we are all still in our lounge clothes vegging out. It is hotter than Hades outside. It is September I want a firepit, music and wine. Instead it is sweat dripping down your back and bugs.

The heat has halted our garden. I am craving okra, but nothing is happening. Usually we pick every 3 days…been a week ! Nada.

Yesterday was a sad afternoon, I had to home our two remaining chickens. Some predator decided our free range chickens were to easy to pass up. We lost three in a few weeks. Once our house is built and we can have coop with us we will re-evaluate the situation. For now they have a nice new home and I do not have to clean a chicken coop. I will miss the eggs ! Nothing like fresh eggs.


Our Whole 30 is going well, but we did alter it. We are allowing wine and olives with a vodka marinade (HA !). I am back to my comfort zone weight wise and clothes are loose. I could care less about the number it is all about the way my clothes fit.

I big news our house is underway !!! We have permits and septic and footers and a foundation ! So exciting to see the progress each day. I know it is many months away and my dream of being in by Christmas will not be….but we are on our way.



Everyone enjoy your weekend !

Ours will include college football, Whole 30 approved wings and treats, and relaxing !