My name is Jill.  DSC_0185

I believe forties are the new twenties and I am rocking and loving life.

I am a stay at home mom.  I love to garden and get great pleasure in farm to table living.  Cooking makes me happy.  I prefer the Cross Fit philosophy of exercise.  Reading, coffee, wine and dark chocolate are my guilty pleasures.  It is ironic, twenty years ago when I worked in a corporate environment I wanted to take over the world, now I want to live off of it.

I grew up a military child, mostly in CA and VA.  My parents have retired in Northern Virginia at a lake and are enjoying life.  We spend much of the summer with them and have a close relationship.  I have an awesome brother and a sister too.

DSCN1357Jay and I have been married for 11 years, he makes me a better person. (he is aka Bald Sexy Husband).  Jay is a financial advisor and a member of the national guard.  His brain amazes me !  He is also an expert at teaching children how to tie their shoes and can quote The Naked Gun and Forest Gump word for word.


DSC_0294We have two great kids.  Evie and Charlie.  Evie can spell like no other and has a voice like an angel, but does not like to sing in front of others.  Charlie has one of the quickest sense of humor I have seen in a long time, very dry.  Both are extremely smart and good looking. (Spoken like a bias mom)


DSC_0282We live with Jays parents (Daddy R and Mammy R) in Tennessee near The Great Smoky Mountains on a gentlemans farm.  We share the land with about sixty grass fed happy cows.  We prefer to live an active Paleo lifestyle, but like many people we derail and reboot.  In a dream world we would hike daily and eat one hundred percent pure, but someone went and invented tortilla chips and margaritas and screwed that up for me.

Hope you enjoy our blog.  I want you to laugh a little, learn a little, and share a little !

Happy Living !

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