August 20, 2014

Happy Wednesday !

I just checked my email and received a notice from the library that THREE of the books I have on hold are available.   WHY do all of my Ebooks that I reserve all come in on the same day !  Some I was the second person on hold, some the sixty fifth.  Yet, they all come in on the same day !  Crazy I tell you !  What I really hate is when I reserve a series and the later books come available before the next in the reading order.  I check daily hoping the next book comes before I loose the later.  That is one advantage to real books, I could just pay the late fee and hold the book.  In the Ebooks they go POOF !

Okay enough whining about books, after I dropped the kids at school, I hit the gym and I think I lost about a gallon of sweat !  I want to do a pull up.  I do not care if it is just one, I want to do one.  I am doing band assisted pull-ups as many as possible.  Once I am toast I am doing reverse resistance.  Talk about shaky arms !  But I will do a pullup !!!!!

  • Warm up – .25 mile jog, pull up practice
  • Strength – 10 Burpees 10 minutes EMOM (total of 100, it hurt, just saying)
  • WOD – 15 air squats, 10 push ups AMRAP in 10 minutes (I got 7 complete rounds)
  • Sprints – 30 second sprints on treadmill at 10 mph, I did 5.  I walk REALLY slow between sprints).
  • I seem to be closing my workouts with rowing 1600M and a complete stretching routine, I have a love hate relationship with foam roller.  It really does help, but OMG it hurts !

After the gym I came home to a quiet home and no chores that need attention today, so I finally downloaded ALMOST all of the songs our sweet girl has requested (she has birthday gift cards to spend on iTunes).  Yeah…I had to cross off the Talk Dirty to Me and Wiggle.  I LOVE THE SONGS, but being that mom, I did a lyric check.  Maybe in a few or 10 more years !

I guess I will shower, I could do a load of laundry….would make tomorrow easier.

Have a wonderful evening !

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