August 20, 2015

I am the person pay blog sites LOVE…  I pay and I never blog.  I used to be that way with the gym too, but now I go a lot, so they are losing money on me there.   I guess it all balances.  Which is what I need to find.  Time for life and a little time to blog.  Balance.  I am a Libra after all.

Summer vacation has come and gone.  It was a wonderful summer.  Traveling, visiting friends and family, swimming, boating, camping, too many cocktails and snacks.  School is now back in session, time to get back in a routine.  I thrive on routine.  I can be flexible with a few days notice.

So what is shaking?

The garden is coming full circle.  We have harvested the tomatoes and did a lot of canning.  I made ten gallons of sauerkraut and my mouth waters just thinking about it.  Stepped off the ledge and used a pressure canner for the first time…beans.  No one died.  It was a good day.  Now I am onto okra.  did some pickling (tastes just like a dill pickle) and roasting today.DSC_0238

Our sweet babies are back to school.  I cannot believe we have a kid with double digits !!!  I miss them.  They are enjoying their first week back.  Lets hope and pray that it continues.

Since the kids are in school that means mama can go back to the gym.  Two months off.  BAD IDEA.  I am working through the soreness and have a love hate relationship with my foam roller.  I love to work out hard.  Pullups, burpees, sprints.  I will work back up to where I was and be able to walk up the stairs unassisted very soon.  Stay tuned !  If you want to follow along, here is the link to Men’s Journal – Best Shape of Your Life !  I do have to lower some of the weights, but the schedule is awesome.

On the diet front, Jay and I realized that we were back to eating lots and lots and lots of crap.  Cocktails on the porch each night and we are getting squishy.  It was time for another Whole 30.  Basic concept is all real foods and no dairy, sugars, grains, alcohol.  If you prepare for it it is easy.  I meal plan and prep things in advance so we always have something available.  I have also found if I do not buy it, I cannot eat it.  GENIUS !  So to add to the people I annoy on Facebook with my food pictures…I will also post them here !  For instance…here was my lunch.  Left over taco meat with homemade salsa and guacamole on lettuce wraps with a side of roasted okra.  Everything was prepped in advance, took a few minutes to toss together.  WINNER !  food


Next week our life will get even crazier !  We are building a house !  I am so excited.  We poured over thousands of house plans and ended up with one of the first we loved, go figure !  I am over the moon with my pantry and Jay cannot wait to wire it up !  The kids love that they each have their own room, they have been sharing for the last few years.  More on the house as progress is made !

Have a wonderful day.  Remember you can be happy anywhere doing anything.  It is a choice !


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