August 21, 2014

Thursday all in all it was a very uneventful day.  I cleaned the house top to bottom for six hours.  Not just cleaning, but moving furniture cleaning.  Organizing the kids books by size cleaning (HOW HARD is it to keep them in size order…err.)

The kids had their first after school activity last night.  Charlie is taking piano.  Evie is taking voice.  They both rocked it.  If we are very lucky, eventually they will rock it to the big stage, their daddy can be their financial manager and me their ever supportive stage mom.  I will make a pledge here and now, we will not allow our children to turn into front page flops of disgrace !  I was exhausted, so sweet husband picked up some local BBQ for dinner.  Even used paper plates.  Lame and wasteful.  I know.  Did I mention I was tired !

Went to sleep early, and then a little after midnight Evie woke up coughing so hard and unable to breath (due to stuffed nose) that we spent thirty minutes in a steamed bathroom, doing it old school.  Not sure if a summer cold or allergies, whatever it is…it can leave NOW !  She is home today.  Still coughing and slurping her nose.  Uggg.  Poor girl, but that noise… (she will be so mad when she reads this).

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