August 22, 2014

Morning came fast.  545 am…alarms going off.  Snooze being hit.  Over and over.  Finally roll out of bed with no intention of working out, but I had to get dressed so I put on my workout clothes.  No excuses !

As I returned home from the gym I passed the septic truck, which means I missed out on all the fun !  Darn ! NOT….  we had both tanks pumped today.  I quickly found out I did not miss all the fun…we had to fill the holes back in with dirt and tamp them down (using a 20lb tamper) my shoulders are toast right now between tamping and pull up practice….


Father In Law tamping….


My turn ! Doing a little advertising for Sweet Husband with my cool new workout shirt !


Finished product. Now to split some of the plants and re-mulch.

Still have one more hole A LOT deeper to fill in the back of the house….

I am in need of a haircut.  I am a short hair girl.  I LOVE IT !  I had very long hair once upon a time, it spent all of its time damp and in a messy bun with countless lost pencils stuck in it.  The kids wanted to help me.  Grabbed my clippers, mirror, a chair and off to the porch we went.  Charlie had fun !  Buzz Buzz went my hair.  As usual I screwed up one area, who knew that the ear guards took it down to true buzz level..HA !  It will grow back.


Hair Salon de Back Porch


Charlie Scissorhands prepping for duty !


I got this !


You have a lot of hair. It is getting all over me.


Finished product, notice how I now look like Big Foot…arms, chest, and even my face all covered in hair !


My clippings. Crazy how much hair I have !

Date Night…. the children are hanging with their grandparents, will update tomorrow.


  • Warm up – ran .25 miles FAST
  • Strength – Squats 8 – 8 – 8 – 8 – 8 (before summer 95#, after lazy all summer 65# LAME !)
  • WOD – 10 jump squats, 10 back forth, 10 air squats, 10 lunges (10 min AMRAP) I was DYING !
  • Pull up practice with band….16 !!!  One day I will do a pull up !!!
  • Row 1600M and stretched

Food I am not sure how the day will shake out, we have a DATE !!!  I am so excited,  We do not go out very often.  Cannot wait !

  • B – 2 soft boiled eggs and 1 sausage
  • S – raspberries and a little chicken salad
  • L – 1/2 avocado, mangos, salad
  • D – date night….



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