August 24 – 28, 2014

COLD-A-PALOOZA hit our house and knocked us out !

How we faught our colds…the natural way of course

  • I made chicken soup.
  • We drank lots of water.
  • I plowed everyone full of zinc and daily vitamins. (adults 50mg & kids 20mg*)
  • Drank Traditional Medicinal teas (Throat Coat for Adults & Childrens Cold Care for Kids)
  • Lots of sleep.
  • a few doses of Tylenol to lower fevers

*normally the kids max at 10mg of zinc, but for a few days we upped it to kick this colds butt.

Everyone is mostly recovered, still some hacking and gross nose sniffling going on, but not too bad.


The vitamins we give our kids. We have tried many brands of daily vitamins and these got two thumbs up from both kids. The zinc is not for daily, we supplement their daily with one zinc if they are getting sick to hopefully ward off the illness.


My vitamins. I take 3 daily, 2 Vitamin D, and 2 Zinc. Apparently I have crazy low Vitamin D even eating lots of veggies.

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