September 1, 2014

Labor Day Weekend was all about labor for us !

We have a very pretty white fence that surrounds the house.  There is an electric fence on the pasture side to keep the cows off of it.  White fences get dirty from lack of sun etc…  Once  year we clean them, think bucket of water with bleach solution and a brush.  Hose off and repeat.  I channeled my inner Tom Sawyer and volunteered for the task this year.  I really thought I would have it done before the kids started summer vacation.  Then a week turned into a month and another and now we are in September !  Completing that fence is at the top of my list for September, did I mention there are like 50 or 60 sections and we wash both sides !


Wax on Wax off. Scrubba Scrubba…..


Dirty fence


Clean fence


Bleach we mix with water to clean the fencing. First I hose down the section. Then dip the brush (same type with long handle you use to wash your car) into the water solution and coat the fence, then do each section. Hose off. Move on to next section.

Tennessee is VERY hot right now, 90s.  Killer.  Ready for fall.  To cool off I made the kids some fresh popsicles.  Lucky for mommy there was quite a bit of the mixture left over and it goes nicely over ice….. with vodka.  Just saying….


Ingredients ! Watermelon and Limeade.


Toss watermelon chunks and two cups of limeade into Vitamix and press go.


Fill super cute popsicle molds, freeze and enjoy !


Watermelon Limeade with Stoli Blueberry Vodka. Tastes like a watermelon Jolly Rancher !

Charlie got some power tool training today !  He became the “Drill Master” !  Umpa (aka grandpa) was replacing the framing around a water tank, the cows finally did it in.  Umpa rebuilt the frame and needed to install it.


Drill Master !!! (check out his cowboy boots ! Too cute.)

My plan for today was to NOT get dressed, I succeeded until 6pm tonight…when “the” phone call came.  Uncle Ronald called and said it was time to pick the potatoes !  All six of us piled in the cars and headed down the road for potato picking and family bonding time.


How you dress to pick potatoes when you are an international fashion star !


Uncle Ronald plowing through the potatos. You drive up each row with a plow thing on the back that goes in the ground it makes two new rows and out pop the potatoes, so cool !


Plowing the first row.


First pass with the tractor. POTATOES !!!!


After three passes per row we were done ! BUCKETS of potatoes. Fresh organic non GMO ! WOOT WOOT !


This soil is so rich it is like velvet !


Tater…. they call me tater salad. BAHAHAH ! Love Ron White !


Hard working boots.


Bald Sexy Husband.


Kids relaxing in the back of Umpa’s pick up.


Soon we will have more corn, second crop is coming due !


What I am MOST excited about… butternut squash. So many made it ! They will be ready the end of the month. This one is a foot long !

Kids have showered, now to put them to bed…school night !




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